Our first post!!!

On Wednesday October 10th, NUCHR had its first general meeting of the year! This year’s conference topic is “Human Rights and International Peacekeeping: from Military Intervention to Local Anti-Violence Efforts.” While the conference is not until January, NUCHR has other events planned in the interim.

Our group, along with other cosponsors, is getting ready to host Gillian Sorensen, former Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations. Ms. Sorensen is currently a senior adviser with the United Nations Foundation, and  plans to speak on the limits and possibilities of peacekeeping, the UN’s current peacekeeping operations, successes and failures, the specific challenges of Syria, as well as the realities of peacekeeping as a UN effort.


henna tattoo from nuchr bonding

After the exec meeting, we welcomed our new general members!! We have so many new members this year, and they were introduced to the conference topic, met with their new committees, and watched a video (courtesy of the German government) about human rights. Afterwards, we all headed over to Ayanna’s place for some NUCHR bonding.


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